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Viva La Margarita!

When Cinco de Mayo rolls around, it’s no surprise that everyone has margaritas on the brain. But true cocktail connoisseurs know that this quintessential Mexican drink is great any time of the year — especially in the hands of an expert mixologist. We asked these top bartenders at The Restaurant and Bar Collection to share their favorite concoctions, proving that a margarita can be so much more than just tequila and triple sec.


At the contemporary bistro Landmarc, the Baja Margarita dresses up the traditional ingredients (tequila, triple sec, lime juice) with a secret weapon: a custom honey-and-red pepper syrup. "The Baja Margarita at Landmarc is a special cocktail that has the perfect balance of sweet, spice, and citrus,” says Wine + Beverage Director David Lombardo.


Bar Masa
It’s no surprise that the adaptation at Bar Masa is as creative as the restaurant itself. The Jalapeño Margarita blends house-infused jalapeño vodka, cointreau, and muddled cucumber. And get there early: Bar Masa recently debuted a new Go-Go happy-hour menu, served daily from 3-5 p.m. with dishes like yellowtail wasabi, black-bean fried chicken, and beef suji skewers.


Ascent Lounge New York
At Ascent Lounge New York, innovative beverage manager Matija Rajak has dreamed up an equally innovative margarita: the Librado Luxe Margarita. It’s a mix of red pepper-infused mezcal and avocado purée with a chipotle salt rim. "The avocado adds a really interesting touch to this drink," says Rajak. "It's like nothing you've ever tasted before."


Center Bar
For an alternative to the classic margarita, check out the T.P.T. at Center Bar. Putting a spin on a gin and tonic, Beverage Director Brad Nugent has created a cocktail that combines influences from south of the border (Cimarron tequila) with fresh pomegranate juice and a splash of tonic water. It’s an utterly refreshing spring drink.

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Landmarc: courtesy of Landmarc

Ascent Lounge New York: photo by Margaret Pattillo

Bar Masa: courtesy of Bar Masa

Center Bar: courtesy of Center Bar

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