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The Shops at Columbus Circle wants to help you get into a New York state of mind — a healthy New York state of mind, that is! We caught up with Elizabeth Endres and Dale Borchiver, founders of Sweats & The City, to find out what inspires them and how you can get in great shape, too.

What is the concept behind Sweats & The City?

We both come from very different backgrounds. Elizabeth worked in financial sales and Dale worked for a fashion startup. Sweats & The City was born out of the need for raw, unbiased workout reviews. Before starting SATC, we were avid ClassPass users and found ourselves frustrated by the lack of information on all the new studios that were popping up. So, we created our blog and Instagram as a platform to share the good AND the bad.

How did you get interested in health and well-being?

Elizabeth: I’ve always been into fitness in some form, I just hadn’t found what I loved until about three or four years ago. Through SATC, I was able to explore many different kinds of workouts and landed on low intensity as my genre of choice — it’s what finally felt good for my body.

Dale: For me it was a very gradual love affair with fitness/health. I belonged to a gym, but hardly ever went. Then I discovered yoga and fell in love with it. Eventually, I decided to join ClassPass and explore other forms of exercise. The more I started to feel good from working out, the more I was inclined to eat healthier and so forth.

What does “wellness” mean to you?

Wellness isn’t one size fits all. For us, it is treating our bodies how they deserve to be treated, and we mean that in an emotional and physical way. Embracing wellness has been a balance of regular therapy, exercise that we enjoy, proper nutrition, and also letting loose and having fun.

You believe in balance. Any advice for staying balanced in a city like New York?

We live in an “all or nothing” city. It’s important not to be too rigid with yourself. That’s how we’ve personally found balance. Avoid setting rules, limits, and quotas around being healthy and working out. It will come a lot more naturally, and you’ll find balance a lot more easily. You might even enjoy yourself.

It’s summer — any tips for staying healthy?

This sounds so simple, but walk as much as you can. We love popping on a podcast or audiobook and getting our steps in. Think of those cold winter months and that should be enough to light a fire under you.

Anything else in the fitness/wellness space you’re excited about right now?

We’re seeing a wellness trend around disconnecting. While fitness-integrated technology is on the rise, so is exploring the mind-body connection with a back-to-basics approach. Think: breathing exercises, reiki, meditation, and an enhanced community experience in the classroom. As much as we love Instagram, we think achieving balance by disconnecting is just as important.

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