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Pack and Go

With the holiday travel season fast approaching, it’s time to start packing your bags. Point your compass toward The Shops at Columbus Circle, where you’ll find TUMI — the ultimate resource for the jet set. We asked TUMI representative Victor Sanz to share his top tips for stress-free packing.


First off — choose the right luggage.

The active, outdoors-inspired Tahoe collection is versatile and practical, crafted from a durable coated fabric with leather trim, coated zippers, and seam-sealing technology. V3 is TUMI’s lightest hard-side travel collection, constructed from a special, multilayer polycarbonate alloy formulation that was created to increase strength and durability.

Use packing cubes.

TUMI packing cubes help you separate outfits by color and occasion while traveling and can be used to hold dirty clothes along the way.

Perfect your technique.

Roll clothes instead of folding. This includes your socks, which can be rolled and stuffed into your shoes.


Prevent wrinkles.
Turn your blazer inside out to prevent wrinkling. When hanging items, layer garments: A blouse, sweater, jacket, and slacks can all be hung on one TUMI travel hanger.

Don’t neglect your accessories.

Line belts around the inside of the case, insert into shoes, or line collars with them (it will keep the collars crisp). Use a jewelry roll to hold delicate necklaces and earrings — they’ll never tangle.

Follow this tip to keep your bag light.

Choose the right shoes, and wear the heaviest ones to reduce weight in your suitcase.


Don’t overlook your carryon, which should contain some important items.

Have an "essentials pack" on hand with toiletries, hand sanitizer, umbrella, and — if you’re traveling to another country — a photocopy of your passport. Use a TUMI Flat Folding Pack to pack a separate set of clothing, just in case your luggage gets lost.

Use this one last hack.

Put a dryer sheet inside your suitcase: It’ll keep your clothes smelling fresh.

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