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How to Keep Your Leather Looking Good

Leather expertise is Coach’s heritage: The company was founded as a small, family-run workshop of six artisans dedicated to innovation in leather while preserving old-world techniques passed through the generations. At its two-level store at The Shops at Columbus Circle, you’ll find exquisitely crafted leather bags, shoes, and accessories for both men and women. Since winter — a season that isn’t friendly to leather — is upon us, we asked Coach's Peter Panagiotopoulos, General Manager, Retail, for advice on how to best preserve your leather pieces.


Any tips for taking care of leather products?

Regular and proactive leather care is important to maintain beauty and suppleness. By taking care of leather proactively, you can prevent it from drying out, cracking, or dulling in appearance over time.

How do you remove dirt and stains?

Developed exclusively for Coach, Coach Leather Cleaner is an all-over cleaner tested to ensure gentle yet effective cleaning and the optimal care for Coach Leather products.


What if you're out and about and something spills on your bag or other products?

For a quick leather spot treatment, clean with a damp cloth in a light circular motion.

What about suede?

If wet, let suede dry naturally, if there is a small spot, clean it with a dry cloth. For more detailed cleaning, use a suede brush to brush the suede. If it's a stubborn stain, use a suede eraser. It's best to do this as quickly as possible before it penetrates into the material.


Anything that can be done preventively?

Coach Leather products have been pre-treated to prevent most normal wear.

Is moisturizing important?

Leather should be moisturized every time it is cleaned to restore moisture and maintain the leather’s suppleness and color.

How should you store Coach Leather products when you're not using them?

It is best to store your Coach Leather products in cool dry climate in your Coach Duster Bag.

Any other important tips to keep in mind to extend the life of Coach products?

You can also make an appointment or visit the Coach store to learn more as to how best extend the life of your Coach products.

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