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Mixing It Up: Manhattan’s Coolest Cocktails

New York City’s cocktail scene has never been more thrilling, thanks to cutting-edge visionaries and mixologists who are making elaborate concoctions that will wow you with their sheer creativity. You’ll find some of the most exciting drinks in the city, if not the whole country, at The Restaurant and Bar Collection at The Shops at Columbus Circle. Here’s where you need to go — and what you need to be sipping this spring.

Momofuku Bar

Momofuku Drinks


Momofuku Noodle Bar

The latest location of Momofuku Noodle Bar features a full-length cocktail bar, and it is grabbing headlines with its innovative highball program. A highball is an alcoholic soda that is like no soda you’ve ever tasted. Momofuku is carbonating the highballs themselves and pouring most of them on draft. Several are created using the Spinzall (a centrifuge used for clarification).

The Experts: Momofuku’s Bar Director Lucas Swallows collaborated with beverage manager Haera Shin to develop Momofuku’s trailblazing highball program.

Don’t Miss: They change up their highballs often, so always be sure to ask what's new for the season.

Ascent Lounge

Ascent Lounge Bartender


Ascent Lounge New York

The sexy, one-of-a-kind Ascent Lounge New York features breathtaking views of Central Park and Columbus Circle, as well as an incredible cocktail list. One of the signatures is the Ascent Reserve Martini, a money’s-no-object drink that’s presented in a gold-rimmed crystal glass and paired with Petrossian Caviar.

The Experts: The dazzling list was developed by Co-Owner Carrie Packin and Beverage Director and Operations Manager Matija Rajak, who is passionate about working with spirits and crafting new cocktails in attention-grabbing forms and combinations.

Don’t Miss: The Smoked Old Fashioned is more of an event than a drink. It arrives covered in a glass dome containing smoke that is memorably released when served.

Center Bar

Center Bar Menu

Center Bar

Center Bar, a classic cocktail lounge with an Art Deco flair, channels old-school glamour while keeping an eye on the future. The ever-changing list includes variations on a theme with traditional drinks done several different ways.

The Expert: Adam Petronzio recently joined the team at Center Bar and its sister restaurant, Porter House Bar & Grill, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge on all things cocktails and wine. Among his creations, look for a spin on the popular Moscow Mule — the Columbus’s Circle, with Greenhook Ginsmith Gin, sloe gin, and ginger beer.

Don’t Miss: A favorite among regulars is the King’s Old Fashioned, which combines Elijah Craig Bourbon with the perfect amount of bitters. It’s garnished with a cured walnut.

Photo credits:
Momofuku, both: L Palmberg
Bluebird, both: Ber Murphy
Center Bar, both: Lauren Elle
Ascent Lounge, both : Steven Menendez

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