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How to Write a Thank You Note

So you loved all the presents you got over the holidays, but you don’t quite know how to express your gratitude? The Shops at Columbus Circle has got you covered. We asked Diana Gonzales, store manager at Papyrus, to share her expert advice for writing the perfect thank you note. Here are her top tips, plus her recommendations for thank you cards from Papyrus that will put a smile on anyone's fave.


What's the most important thing to know about sending a thank you note?
People always appreciate a handwritten note to show them that you appreciate their gift. While it’s a rule of thumb that you don’t have to send a card if you receive a gift in person, it’s never wrong to send a thank you card.

Any tips on how to make a thank you note more personal?
Using their name and mentioning the gift always gives a personal touch and shows the receiver you were really touched by their gesture, no matter what the occasion. When in doubt, speak from your heart and tell the gift-giver why you appreciate them. You can also let them know that you hope to see them soon.


Is there anything that you should never say in a thank you note?
If it has taken you some time to send the card, avoid mentioning the delay; you don’t want to call attention to that.

How soon do they need to be sent? Is it ever too late?
It’s always best to send within the first 48 hours, but sending a late thank you is better than none at all.

What kind of stationery or card should you use for a thank you note?
Personalized stationery is a great way to send a thank you, but a simple card or folded note card is also acceptable. And don’t just rip a piece of paper out of a notebook or tablet: Have some cards on hand for these types of notes.


What if I still don't know what to say?

Here's a sample note:

Dear Sophia,

Thank you so much for the blender you gave me. I can't wait to use it to whip up some margaritas; it will definitely help get me through this long winter! I really appreciate that you're in my life. Hope to see you soon, so that we can share a cocktail or two.



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