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How to Beat the Bulge


It’s the new year and a few new curves have appeared that weren’t there before. Maybe you indulged a little too much over the holidays, maybe you haven’t broken a sweat since summer. Whatever the case, there’s hope. We interviewed Michael Ryan, Tier X Coach at Equinox Columbus Circle, for his tips on how to look great in 2017.

Any recommendations for getting rid of those extra pounds that snuck up over the holidays?

There’s no substitution for moving every day, giving your body the nutrients it needs, and using restorative behaviors to nurture well-being. Equinox believes that if you follow these three pillars — movement, nutrition, regeneration — you can achieve not only the loss of those pounds, but also greater progress into your personal health and vitality.

Does Equinox offer programs that help?

Through our Personal Training Department and Tier X coaching platform, we assist clients one-to-one to reach their goals. Ancillary departments such as group fitness, yoga, and Pilates also inspire movement at varying thresholds and entry points for people with different abilities.


Can you target specific areas, like a waistline that’s suddenly a little wider?

Spot reduction has been proven to be misleading. If the body is going to rid itself of unwanted fat, it will do so without discretion and release it where it is most abundant. The most efficient practice is to be mindful about what you ingest. Tier X Coaches are trained in behavior modification to assist in becoming your own "wise advocate" to your temptations.

What are your tips for eating better?

When shopping in the grocery store, stay on the perimeter where the natural and wholesome foods are. The inner isles will lead you to packaged foods that result in those unwanted inches and compromise health over the long term. And let us not forget to drink enough water. Divide your body weight in half: That's the number of ounces of hydration you should consume every day via water and teas.


How about a January detox or going cold turkey?

There are some great 10-day detox plans, such as the type recommended by Dr. Mark Hyman. Intermittent fasting is another possibility. Cold turkey should be cautioned. You should consult with a trained coach prior to venturing into anything blindly.

Any other advice?

If you're starting at ground zero, it's challenging to go right to the 60th floor — and it often proves to be unsustainable. Simplify the goal. Own the new commitment before adding the next one. Work on one behavior at a time. Set yourself up for success by being prepared and underwhelmed rather than under prepared and overwhelmed.

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