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Thanks to those Kardashian sisters, everybody’s got booty on the brain these days — a great looking booty, that is. But surprise: It’s not just about having all-star genes. Whether you’re looking to be curvier or slimmer, it’s possible to get the derriere of your dreams. Here, Coco Cohen, Group Fitness Manager at Equinox Columbus Circle, shares her tips for getting the best looking backside in town.

Does Equinox offer any programs that help get your booty in shape?

The Best Butt Ever class incorporates body weight training, hand weights, and bands, targeting those muscles we forgot we have in our hips, thighs, abs, and hind quarters. Coming from the discipline of dance, EQX Barre Burn addresses many of the same areas while also challenging balance and grace. In addition, I recommend the Pure Strength class, where heavily loaded deep squats, dead lifts, and lunges will make that booty lift and shape by building muscle.

Are there different exercises for different body types?

Our bodies may be shaped in slightly different ways, but underneath we are all the same. In terms of creating the butt you want, there are some undeniable truths, both helpful and limiting:

1. We cannot spot reduce and lose fat in just one area.
2. We cannot change our body type.
3. We CAN change our pattern of exercise and nutrition to optimize muscle building and fat-burning.
4. We DO have access to scientific programming at Equinox that will help us get the most out of the body we have.

What about reducing the rear?

It’s dependent on several factors. Number one, is the rear in question made up of primarily muscle or fat? Both are difficult to affect change, independent of the rest of the body. It’s important that we choose fat-burning exercises that work for our individual body and find exercises we like, so we keep doing them. I find that weight training and running with proper form keeps my cheeks in check. Try Equinox’s Precision Running class.

Is there anything you shouldn’t do?

Anything where you cannot maintain proper form. Whether it’s something too difficult or you just don’t quite know how, poor form is not a friend of great glutes. This doesn’t mean you should avoid trying new or difficult modalities, but DO make sure you let instructors and trainers know when you are new, so they can give you extra coaching on form and technique.

Does food play a role?

We are what we eat, so eat well. Lots of protein helps build muscle. And make intelligent choices when eating outside your routine: sweet potato instead of regular fries, whole grain breads or pastas instead of white, yogurt or an egg instead of a bagel, nuts instead of chips.

Any other advice?

Love the body you’re in and train it as such. Keep stress levels in check. Chemical stress response in our bodies and holding onto fat go hand in hand. Find healthy ways to regenerate with a walk by the water or in the park or someplace that brings you joy. Do yoga and meditation. And most of all, breathe.

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