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How often do you pay close attention to what you’re eating and how it’s impacting your body? On August 8, top experts on wellness and nutrition will gather to talk about Mindful Eating in an interactive panel at The Shops at Columbus Circle. It’s part of 360 Wellness, a series of free events devoted to helping you improve your body and mind from the inside out. We caught up with the panelists to get their tips on mindful eating and how to incorporate it into your life.

Cornell Thomas: An international speaker, author, and social entrepreneur, Cornell Thomas is devoted to inspiring people to live their best lives.

  • Mindful eating means figuring out the right plan for you. We are not all the same — what might work for one person might not work for someone else
  • Do not compare your start with someone else’s middle. Don’t look at Peter’s filtered Instagram photos and shame yourself. Run your own race
  • It is all about your routine; eventually you will make it a habit. If you don’t start the process, there will be no positive change in your eating habits.

Lisa Hayim: A Registered Dietitian with a Master’s of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Columbia University, Lisa Hayim is the founder of The Well Necessities.

  • Mindful eating means being present in the act of eating. When we actively ask ourselves, “What do we need right now,” we learn that food may not actually be the solution.
  • When it comes to making the choice of what to eat, choose food with intent. Choose a food that will make nourish and make you feel equipped to handle your day’s tasks.
  • Look for foods that are one ingredient (like a fruit, veggie, or grain), with no additives. As humans, we are designed to eat real food.

Marcus Antebi: Marcus Antebi is the founder of Juice Press.

  • Mindful eating begins with the elimination of processed foods. I believe this action will have the greatest impact on our health, mental clarity and overall body chemistry.
  • Eating solid foods after dusk can burden the digestive system and slow down the metabolism. To curb hunger until bedtime, I recommend drinking a raw, cold-pressed juice, diluted with water.
  • Don’t fear fruit sugar. All fruits are extraordinary fuel for humans. Because fruit sugar is so easily absorbed and converted into fuel, it allows the body to focus on other tasks, like its own detoxification.
  • You don’t need a single gram of flesh based food to be healthy. Ever. If the nutrient does not exist in the plant kingdom, the body does not need it.

Greg Grossman: A Chef and Restaurateur, Greg Grossman is the Co-Founder of Kettlebell Kitchen and VYNElife, the nation’s premier goal-focused meal delivery solution.

  • Mindful eating means incorporating the best quality ingredients possible (grass-fed beef, antibiotic-free poultry), producing it a responsible manner (freshly cooked, un-frozen), and not using anything unnecessary in cooking.
  • Focus on buying great ingredients and simply preparing them to fit your schedule and preferences.
  • Shameless plug: It is as easy as going to KettlebellKitchen.com and having your meals delivered twice weekly to your home, office, or gym location for pickup.

Viraj Puri: Viraj Puri co-founded and serves as CEO of Gotham Greens, a worldwide pioneer in urban, indoor agriculture.

  • Mindful eating starts with an ingredient-focused approach, focusing on healthy, whole foods that are sustainably sourced and nutrient dense.
  • Know what’s in your food and where and how it’s being produced. Familiarize yourself with the ingredient lists on your pre-made foods and steer clear of pre-packaged items that contain long lists of additives, unpronounceable stabilizers and high levels of sugar.
  • Start with a plant-based diet and then add in proteins. Plant-based diets are proven to improve blood pressure, decrease risk of heart disease, and lower cholesterol. And they’re a whole lot better for the environment

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