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Wellness Tips from Influencer Justin Livingston

We avidly follow influencer Justin Livingston’s wellness advice on his fashion and lifestyle blog Scout Sixteen, so we are eager to hear how The Shops at Columbus Circle is helping him achieve his goals for the new year. We caught up with him just after he finished a run in Central Park.

Equinox Space
Equinox strength

How do you stay fit and balanced?

I try to meditate at least 10 minutes every morning. It's a great way to start my day on a positive note. Then around lunchtime I head to Equinox and do 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes of weights four times a week. If I need extra motivation, I’ll sign up for a personal training session or the Firestarter cardio class. If I’m feeling indulgent, I’ll get a men’s facial at the spa.

What else is in your wellness regime?

The Shops at Columbus Circle is one-stop shopping for everything I need before and after my workouts. Right now I’m craving a Green Extreme smoothie from Juice Press. It’s loaded with protein to recover after a long run. Whole Foods Market is a great place to pick up a healthy meal. I strive to eat healthy five to six days a week so I can treat myself to a burger from Landmarc.

Group Fitness

Where do you get your gear?

I stock up on gear that fits my style at New York Running Company. More of a resource than a store, they provide guidance to help you establish your goals. There’s a great running assessment that matches you with the perfect sneakers. My top fitness essentials right now are a fitness tracker and a fitness watch. I also love the bottles that keep water cold for up to 24 hours.

Any tips for someone who wants to jump start their own wellness routine?

The new year is a perfect time to restart your wellness routine. Work out early to get it done. Eat your vegetables. Try to have a salad a day. Don't eat after 9 p.m. (your body can’t metabolize it). And use The Shops at Columbus Circle to meet all of your fitness, dining, and shopping needs. You’ll find the best products, the latest technology, and awesome people that take an interest in your personal best.

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