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Established in 1950 by the shores of Lake Constance in the city of Bregenz, Wolford is the leading global brand in luxury skinwear. Driven by passion and innovation, the company produces some of the most exceptional fabrics and manufactures high-quality legwear, lingerie and bodywear. Over the past decades, Wolford has collaborated with the greatest photographers and designers on the planet to jointly create some of the most epic advertising campaigns and brand collections. As a core brand value, the company is committed to continuously improving its sustainability programs by funding numerous activities and driving technological innovation. This long-term commitment led Wolford to obtain prestigious Cradle to Cradle Gold Certificate, being the first and only company in the apparel industry to be granted such recognition. Wolford is a company listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange and since 2018 is part of the international luxury fashion conglomerate Lanvin Group. On December 15th 2022 Lanvin Group has been listed on the NYSE.


Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-8:00pm
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