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Shaving Made Easy

Think you’re an expert at shaving? Think again. We talked to Julie Espinosa-Torres, Store Manager of The Art of Shaving, located on the second floor of The Shops at Columbus Circle. By following the four elements of a perfect shave, you’ll get the best shave of your life. It's the closest a modern guy will get to being Caesar or James Bond.


1. Prepare your skin.

Instead of seeing shaving as a chore, we want our clients to see it as a rewarding morning ritual. To achieve the perfect shave, you need to think about your products. Utilize pre-shave oil, which gives a protective layer, prevents skin irritation and bumps, and helps improve razor glide to avoid nicks and cuts.


2. Lather up.

Apply shaving cream that is formulated with glycerine for a close and comfortable shave. All of our brushes are made with badger hair, which is one of the best materials because it transmits the heat of the hot water right into your skin and generates a rich, warm lather on your face. (Hot water also helps soften and open pores.) Other kinds of brushes, depending on the quality, can shred and the bristles will come off.


3. Shave.

Use a super-sharp blade, whether it’s a fusion, mach 3, safety, or straight razor. Using gentle pressure with any of those tools, you want to shave with the grain of the beard. We always recommend this because hair can grow in different directions. For an even closer shave, re-lather and shave directly against the grain.


4. Moisturize.

After shaving, we recommend that clients rinse with cold water and pat dry. Use The Art of Shaving after-shave oil, which revitalizes and soothes dry skin. A lot of guys tend to skip this step, but it’s vital.

And some parting thoughts.

Some people think this is a lot, but it’s not: All in all, it takes much less time to follow these steps than it takes to explain them. But if you use the right products and the right tools, you’ll see a huge difference. (And guess what: These tips work just as well for women as for men.) You can’t put a price on great skin.

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