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Wine Series: Rosé All Day

Summer’s here, and it’s time to think pink. Yes, it’s rosé season and we have a feeling you’re just as obsessed with this supremely drinkable wine as we are. We caught up with David Lombardo, beverage director at Landmarc, part of the The Restaurant and Bar Collection at Time Warner Center. Lombardo is an expert on all types of wine, but it’s rosé that he drinks all year round. Here, he gives us the lowdown.

Rosé All Day 3

Why is rosé so hot right now?

The "rosé rush," as I like to call it, began about six to eight years ago and never looked back. Still, a lot of people associate it with summertime, so that’s why you currently see it on every Instagram pic. it doesn’t hurt that the phrase “rosé all day” is just fun to say.

What should you look for in a rosé?

Color will give you an indication of the flavor density. Darker rosés tend to have more pronounced fruit and a bit more sugar. If you are practicing “rosé all day,” go for a lighter one. When it comes to vintage, the newest is traditionally the freshest. So for example, this summer of 2018, the 2017 rosés are drinking the freshest.

What's the best way to drink rosé?

I can only speak for myself here, but I tend to enjoy rosé with an ice cube or two outdoors, with my family and friends over a game of bocce, watching the sunset. A great idea for a larger party is to make a rosé punch. It will stretch your dollar and you can add anything you like to suit your personal taste.

Cold Refreshing Frozen Frosé Rosé Wine Cocktail in the Summer
Rosé All Day

Here are three of Lombardo’s favorite rosés:

  • Wolffer Estate 2017
    Here in New York City, we are lucky to live close to many wine regions, including the Hamptons. Wolffer Estate Rosé has been on my list for as long as it has been available. I like the idea of the most local, freshest rosé possible and this is one of them. Great served with: grilled salmon.
  • Ameztoi 2017
    Truly a staff favorite. This is from Txakolina in the northern coast of Spain, and it has a natural effervesce to it. The grapes grow so close to the ocean that you can taste the sea in every glass. Great served with: oysters, steamed shellfish.
  • Archer Roose Rosé
    What I am really obsessed with right now is this brand that’s delivering amazingly fresh wines from internationally sourced regions in the most accessible format I have even seen: an eight-ounce can. Great served with: grilled chicken, seafood, watermelon, tea, mint salad — and perfect on it’s own!

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