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If Bacon Is America’s Gastronomic Freedom Food,
What Are The Favorite Recipes From The Renowned Chefs At Time Warner Center?

Culinary Curiosity Had To Know


COLUMBUS CIRCLE, MANHATTAN – January 4, 2017 – “Everything tastes better with bacon,” Sara Perry grandly proclaimed on the cover of her 2002 cookbook. In the diet-crazed 1980s and 1990s, bacon was the demonized. Now bacon is an obsession. Bacon is gastronomic freedom food. It’s a culinary cult. Even at The Shops at Columbus Circle, home to some of the finest restaurants in New York and the U.S., bacon is revered.

Americans eat almost 18 pounds of bacon a year. A survey by Maple Leaf Foods said that 43 percent of people would rather eat bacon than have sex. So in honor of this fine food, we asked some of the renowned chefs at The Shops at Columbus Circle to tell us what they love about bacon and to share their favorite recipes for dishes that celebrate it.

Michael Lomonaco/PorterHouse Bar and Grill
According to Michael Lomonaco, Chef and Managing Partner at Porter House Bar and Grill, one of the restaurant’s most popular side dishes is creamed spinach with bacon. “The bacon transforms a crowd favorite into an unforgettable new dish,” he says. “It is smoky and sweet with the best bacon you can find.”

Marc Murphy, Landmarc
For Landmarc Chef Marc Murphy, the house made ricotta cavatelli with chicken liver, caramelized onion, and bacon is the star of the show. “What’s not to love,” Murphy says. “Bacon is extremely versatile and an ingredient that packs a lot of flavor!”

Michael DeCirro, Bouchon Bakery
Michael DeCicco, Chef de Cuisine at Bouchon Bakery, layers goodness on top of goodness in a bacon-wrapped pâté. “It’s one of my favorite uses,” he says. “The bacon is used to wrap the pâté itself. It has quite a bit of history within our restaurant group and is featured in the Bouchon cookbook.”

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