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How to Get a Summer Body — Fast!


Want to look good for summer? It’s not too late. We turned to Dan Daly of Equinox at Columbus Circle to get his insider tips for getting in shape. This former collegiate all-American swimmer is a Tier 4 Coach (psst, that’s the highest level at Equinox!) who helped design the new signature swim program, EQX H2O, which launched here. One of the company’s flagship locations, Equinox at Columbus Circle often tests out the hottest new programs first.

We picked Daly’s brain on the latest trailblazing classes, his innovative approach to fitness, and his secret advice for how to achieve a killer beach bod.

What does being a Tier 4 Coach mean?

I might liken it to the special forces of our company. It’s made up of our most senior trainers and senior staff. Our more elite coaches are able to work together in a collaborative environment to take a holistic approach and help our members achieve their goals.

What is Equinox’s approach to fitness?

MNR, or movement, nutrition, and regeneration. We’re looking at movement, or fitness, as something that’s important for longevity. We’re looking at nutrition and how that drives performance and results. And we’re looking at the concept of regeneration and being able to recover from the training that you’re doing because your training is only as good as your ability to recover.


Beach season is here. Any recommendations for getting in shape?

A really efficient way to get in shape would be to use high-intensity interval training combined with resistance training. While doing that, you really need to take a look at your nutrition as well, which is going to be about 80 percent of that formula. You can’t out-train your diet, so if you’re not really focused on your nutrition while doing these types of training, you’re not really going to see the results you’re looking for.

What about beast mode?

There’s a big trend in the industry of high-intensity capacity training, crushing it, and going #BeastMode — an affectionate hashtag that’s going around — but we’re taking a deeper look. We want to make sure that our bodies last a lifetime and that we’re not just burning them out for short-term results.



Tell us about the new swimming program, EQX H2O, that you helped create.

It’s a small-group swim program that focuses on three components: improving members’ endurance, their efficiency, and their power. We want to position the pool as an extension of the gym. It’s as hard as you make it: If you can swim the length of a pool, you can participate.

What about Equinox’s new cycling program, The Pursuit?

The Pursuit is a new immersive studio cycling class that’s the first of its kind. We’ve patented competitive gamification. There are games built into the classes in a way that drives competitiveness and allows members to track their results through a visual experience.

Is there anything people shouldn’t be eating?

I don’t think any foods are bad: everything in moderation.


Any tips for recovery?

A big rock for people is getting enough sleep. Sleep coaching is something we’re investing a lot of time and research into. It’s something that we’re trying to coach our members around more. We’re identifying that what a lot of people need is more sleep: around seven to nine hours a night.

Fill in the blank. If there’s nothing else you do this summer, you should…

Find an activity that you enjoy doing on a daily basis that’s going to help move you forward in a positive direction.

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