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Ten years ago this month, Porter House Bar and Grill opened its doors at Time Warner Center. Part of The Restaurant and Bar Collection, Porter House Bar and Grill is a modern take on a classic chop house run by Chef Michael Lomonaco, who knows his way around a steak, not to mention veal chops, dover sole, and more. A native New Yorker, Lomonaco has a knack for pleasing the city’s most discerning palates in this luxurious dining room with views over the treetops of Central Park.

Photo credit: Francesco Tonelli

Photo credit: Francesco Tonelli

To honor the restaurant’s 10th anniversary, Lomonaco has curated a series of exclusive menus that are inspired by and commemorate the past decade. From “Mixed Grill” (highlighting the seafood and carnivore offerings) to “Abandon Care and Revel in Luxe” (white truffles, caviar, foie gras, and Wagyu), these menus change every week and are available Monday to Friday throughout the rest of October.

We asked Chef Lomonaco to share his thoughts about this exciting celebration.

What do you love about being at Time Warner Center?

When I was introduced 10 years ago to The Shops at Columbus Circle and specifically The Restaurant and Bar Collection, I knew that this would be an iconic New York location. New York needed this building. This is a great place to visit and shop at and dine in, but it’s especially fantastic to work here because our guests and visitors bring so much energy and enthusiasm that I can’t help but love cooking for them every day.

Did you ever think you would be here this long?

As a born and bred New Yorker I believe you work, create, and share with the community and that means you stay — year after year. I’ve built my business as a chef and restaurant operator, working to be a part of the neighborhood, part of the future of New York.

What is so special about this restaurant?

Porter House Bar and Grill is built on hospitality and a warm welcome, where precise cooking of great food and well-made drinks are all designed for the pleasure of our guests. That is our mission — to make our diners feel welcome and cater to their wishes and desires, and in that way we build memories of great times, together.

Photo credit: Noah Fecks

Any favorite memories?

I love the daily rhythm of cooking, receiving our morning deliveries, the daily preparation and planning, menus and wine lists, the team I work with every day help to make the memory of being here so vital and rich. I especially have great memories of guests coming in to celebrate special occasions, or dining with us on Thanksgiving Day or New Year’s Eve, or just popping in for a quick lunch. The memory of how exciting it was to open 10 years ago was just enriched when we redecorated this past spring and brought a whole new, fresh, and modern design to the dining room. This new look has given us an opportunity for new memories with our loyal followers and helped us to make many new friends this year.

What do you have in store for the anniversary month?

During October, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary with special menu offerings, bringing back some of our greatest hits from yesteryear, introducing some new dishes, and finally, culminating with our “Luxe” week, which encourages people to throw care to the wind and really unwind with delicious and very special treats. Isn’t that what a party and celebration is all about?

Header photo credit: Noah Fecks

Photo credit: Francesco Tonelli

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