10 Columbus Circle • New York City, NY 10019 • Contact number: 212-823-6300  |  Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-8:00PM, Sundays: 11:00AM-7:00PM
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Green Means Eileen
— Fisher, That Is

Some companies say they are earth-friendly. Eileen Fisher, which has an airy, modern location at The Shops at Columbus Circle, talks the talk and really walks the walk (while looking good at the same time). We talked to Teslin Doud, CFDA Fellow at Eileen Fisher, who told us how the company is helping make a difference — and how you can help, too.


How does Eileen Fisher support the planet?

Eileen Fisher is changing the world one garment at a time. We don’t just care about our profit, we also care about people and the planet. We use organic fibers that keep chemicals out of the ground and air. We use sustainable materials from renewable sources. We use undyed materials, naturally dyed materials, and certified dyes that help to keep our waterways clean.

How can clothing make a difference?

Clothing can make a difference by the way it is made – improving the health and prosperity of people and the planet, and by the way we wear it. Investing in responsibly made clothing that can be worn for years is a small way each of us can effect change.


What is Fisher Found and how does it work?

Fisher Found, Eileen Fisher’s take-back program, started in 2009 under the name Green Eileen as a way to extend the life of our timeless clothes. Customers can bring back worn (or even torn) Eileen Fisher clothing, shoes, and accessories to any of our retail stores — including our Columbus Circle location — in exchange for a $5 gift card per piece.

What happens after that?

The clothing is then sent to one of our two recycling centers in Seattle and Irvington, New York where it is professionally cleaned and sorted. If the garments you bring back to us are not able to be reworn, they’re renewed with mending and dyeing or they’re remade into entirely new garments. We want to extend the life and keep the value of Eileen Fisher garments for as long as possible.

How does this help the planet?

Now, more than ever, we are focusing on circular design and business so that we can keep our product in use and out of landfills and oceans to ensure a prosperous planet for future generations.


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