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Good Jeans: The Best Looks for Fall

Arielle Fernandez at Diesel

Diesel has been perfecting the craft of denim design since Renzo Russo started this Italian company in 1978. Known for edgy style, high-quality fabrics, and second-to-none fit, each handmade pair takes four days to complete. Searching for the right jeans for your fall wardrobe? We stopped by Diesel at The Shops at Columbus Circle to chat with manager Arielle Fernandez, who demystified this critical fashion decision — and tells how you can walk out looking like a rock star.

Do you have any recommendations for particular body types?

I can put any body type in flattering jeans. For curvy customers, we have styles that hold in the seat but fit the hips and legs, too. Our classic regular straight jeans come in two styles — one that is snug at the top and roomier in the leg for a boyish look, and another with a lower rise that is more of a girlfriend jean.

Is one style right for every occasion or should a girl have more than one pair of jeans in her closet?

You can never go wrong with more than one pair of jeans! But clients do tend to come in looking for one perfect pair that’s versatile enough to run around on the weekends, then dress up with heels at night. We usually nail it.

womens Diesel Jeans
womens Diesel Jeans

What about ripped jeans? Are they here to stay?

Rips are here forever. If you do it right, you will look great. Our rips and abrasions are done by hand and are unique to the jeans. My jeans have holes everywhere, and every time I wear them, I get stopped.

Any tips for trying on jeans?

We are one of the few brands that still does a full-service jean fitting. I visually work with my clients. I make them come out of the fitting room and do squats and lunges, so I can see where the jeans gap and pull.

mens Diesel Jeans
mens Diesel Jeans

Is there a hot trend for fall?

Kurt Cobain-inspired grunge. Very rocker chic with dark washes, resin-coated fabrics, and rips. Another great style is a high-waisted jean that’s slim through the hip. You can wear them with heels, sneakers, or flats.

When do you know it’s a success?

When a client wants to wear their new jeans right out of the store. Recently, one customer wanted to leave his old Diesel jeans behind. But he ended up keeping them when I told him that we re-patch and do repairs free of charge, no matter how long you have had your jeans. You pretty much have a lifetime warranty.

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