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Fun Fitness: Shop Your Way to 10,000 Steps

10K stepsHave you ever paced back and forth in your apartment just to reach your recommended 10,000 steps for the day? So unnecessary (and boring) when you can tick off the distance by shopping and trendwatching instead.  Here's how to get in your 10,000 daily steps and shop your way to health and happiness.

So strap on that Fitbit and head out.  From the entrance off Columbus Circle, go down one floor into Whole Foods Market. Walk up and down the aisles for more than 550 steps. Window-shop on the first floor from Coach on one end to Thomas Pink on the other for another 300. On the second floor, do a figure eight from the doors of Lucky Brand to Diesel: 600 steps. Add another 250 by power walking from AIX Armani Exchange to Montmartre on the third floor.

Congratulations! You've just logged 1,700 steps in no time, all without having to contend with the weather. You can take that loop six times to reach your final goal.

Or better yet -- and certainly more fun -- make up the difference by browsing and shopping. J.Crew, H&M and Hugo Boss cover two floors each, perfect for a tempting walkabout. And give yourself extra points for stepping -- not riding -- up and down the escalators.

If you're feeling super ambitious, sign up for a Precision Running class at Equinox Fitness Club and take it to the treadmill. Or drop your bags at the lockers at New York Running Company and head out towards Central Park with trainer Will Noonan. On Tuesday mornings he takes groups out for about six miles north of The Shops.

"By 8:15 we've got our 10,000 steps already," he says. "Anything on top of that is gravy."

Photo Credits: Header © Pojoslaw/iStockphoto; Content © Halfpoint/iStockphoto

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