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Fashion Color Report:
Spring 2016

Thanks to the catwalks of New York Fashion Week, the minimalist manicure is having a Pantone moment this coming spring – bright colors and flashy embellishments like crystals and textured overlays have been replaced by light pinks, blue hues and a pop of yellow and green. So we rounded up our favorite potions and polishes that can be found at The Shops, and consulted FACE Stockholm beauty experts Danielle Damico and Lauren Noonan for tips on how to perfect the chic, toned-down look.


Give yourself a freshly-exfoliated, moisturized canvas upon which to work your mani magic using super-luxurious Shea butter products that are so luxurious, they'll become a part of your daily routine.

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Fashion Color Report: <br>Spring 2016

Next, move on to cleaning up the area around your nails – make sure you have a manicure kit like Crabtree & Evelyn’s convenient and cute travel-sized version (above middle) on hand. “Before starting your new manicure, use Loosen Up from FACE Stockholm’s Nail Expert line (above right, top) by swiping it onto cuticles, and gently pushing them back with an orange wood stick or nail tools,” says Damico. “Then use a file (above right, bottom) to even your nails to the shape of your liking.”


This step is crucial for long-lasting color – it’s key to start with clean, dry nails. “Using a cotton ball, swipe your nails with remover to get rid of any remaining residue,” Noonan explains. “To prime the nails, use FACE Stockholm’s Bonding (top left) or French (top right) manicure base coats, swiping from the base of the nail to the tips to ensure even coverage. This will give the polish something to hold on to and prevent chipping.”


Pick your palette – on trend shades include light hues like the above (left-right) Opal, Alabaster, Peaches & Cream and Almond shades from Crabtree & Evelyn. “When applying a light-colored polish, it’s always best to apply in two even coats – starting at the base of the nail,” says Damico. “Once dried, apply FACE Stockholm’s Intense top coat for a high shine finish, then use a pointed Q-tip dampened in nail polish remover to clean along the edges and underneath the nail.”

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