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Beauty Secrets: Winter Skin is In

It’s no surprise that winter weather takes a toll on your skin. But after a visit to The Shops at Columbus Circle, you’ll walk out with a glowing complexion. Here’s what you need to get through the season — beautifully.


Moisturize and more.
Moisturizing is vital to combat the effects of dry weather, but moisturizer alone won’t do the trick. Upgrade your skin-care routine at Sephora. First step: a gentle cleanser like the Coconut Water Micellar Cleansing Milk ($9), which soothes and relaxes the complexion. For your lips, the Beauty Amplifier Lip Primer Lock ($12) has super-hydrating magic that will nourish and keep color in place for extended wear.


Wear sunscreen, even in the dead of winter.
The sun might not seem as harsh when the days are gray, but its UVA rays can penetrate clouds and do damage year-round. Keep your skin radiant and protected with the Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture ($30) from Aveda. This multitasking cream — which comes in six shades — has an SPF 15. Or for extra protection, mix Aveda’s Daily Light Guard Defense Fluid ($42) into your own moisturizer; this sheer serum provides an SPF 30.


Regenerate those skin cells.
Pamper yourself at Equinox, which offers a range of replenishing 50-minute spa treatments. The Caudaulie Vinperfect Radiance Facial ($205) incorporates a deep-action mask and a hot-and-cold stone scrub to restore luminosity. Or go for a head-to-toe overhaul with the Caudaulie Divine Body Treatment ($195). The secret ingredient: Divine Oil, which combines four highly effective plant oils.


Hydrate from the inside out.
You already know you should be drinking plenty of liquids to keep your skin hydrated. Amp it up at Juice Press, which carries a line of infused waters ($2.75 each) that do double duty. Water + Aloe is high in vitamins and minerals that accelerate skin repair. Another delicious option: Water + Ginger + Vitamin C, which incorporates a boost of antioxidants to keep you hydrated – and healthy.

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