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Around The Circle Featuring Monica Rich Kosann


In our new series, Around The Circle, follow along as we uncover interesting facts and stories of the neighborhood spanning fashion, food, arts, culture, local businesses and so much more.

Monica Rich Kosann is an American jewelry designer and renowned photographer. Before starting her namesake company in the early 2000s, Monica was a portrait photographer with a passion for storytelling and capturing special moments, which naturally evolved into her brand. Her classic yet contemporary designs have gone on to include necklaces, bracelets, charms, rings, and of course, her beloved lockets.


You have a background in photography, what inspired your shift to jewelry?

I am a storyteller so my photography roots (during which time I spent many years capturing my subjects on film) made it only natural that my first gateway to fine jewelry storytelling for a woman was the Locket. This all came about organically…I used to gift my photo clients with vintage cigarette cases, compacts and vintage lockets I found antiquing….and I would fill them with the photos I had taken of their families. I always felt that lockets were sexy on a woman, they hold her secrets close. I found all the ones out there to buy were sort of stuffy. I wanted to make them for the modern woman and all generations.…so, I did just that and MRK was born!


What is your favorite MRK piece?

That’s a bit like choosing a favorite child! Right now, I’m loving our new tennis bracelet collection designed with 18-time Grand Slam Champion Chris Evert…it’s an instant classic since it was she who invented the “tennis bracelet” back in 1978. Ours are particularly special given the history which Chris and I captured poetically with precious metals, colorful gemstones and gorgeous diamonds….a bit of bling on your wrist is always good.


Where do you find inspiration when designing a new collection?

I love taking a concept from the past and making it new again. I gather some of my best inspiration from shopping for antiques in Europe or scouring flea markets in Connecticut. I also do my best creative work every day by either observing, reading, talking to my team, walking in a city, going to a museum, watching a movie, reading books……. and then I wake up with a million ideas.


Was there a moment or a piece that sparked your love for jewelry?

I always had a love for jewelry, I enjoyed watching old movies and taking note of the pieces the stars wore. I also had a mother who loved jewelry and every piece always had a story of where it was purchased or who gave it to her. She gifted her magnificent charm bracelet to my sister and that sparked my need to make my own!!


What fashion & jewelry trends are you loving for Autumn/Winter 2023/2024?

I don’t usually follow trends, but I do have to say that silver is making a bit of a comeback these days.


For those on a budget, is there a piece you recommend investing in?

A classic locket is a forever piece…actually all of our pieces are designed to be forever in your family…they truly are all smart investments.


Fall is here! What is your favorite activity to do around Columbus Circle at this time of year?

My favorite season is fall!! I love walking so Columbus Circle is an amazing starting point. You have the entrance to the park, or you can start heading towards all the best streets of New York City. I love that area too because it has become an immense cultural center…there’s jazz, restaurants galore and, of course, great stores


Monica Rich Kosann is dedicated to creating fine jewelry that inspires women, empowers them, and makes them stronger. Their collections are rooted in personal storytelling, as they believe that every woman has a story to tell. Monica Rich Kosann is proud to be a Certified B Corporation, meaning that the business meets the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Each Monica Rich Kosann piece is a tribute to women and their legacy. Visit their kiosk on Level 1 of The Shops.


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