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Around The Circle Featuring DEVIALET


In our new series, Around The Circle, follow along as we uncover interesting facts and stories of the neighborhood spanning fashion, food, arts, culture, local businesses and so much more.

As the Holiday Season approaches and social calendars begin to fill with celebrations, we know music is crucial in creating the perfect atmosphere. Whether you are looking for background music as you are in the kitchen with the family or tunes that get everyone grooving – Devialet’s US Marketing Director and Julliard alum, Nick Marsella, is here to share tips on curating and selecting a playlist for all your holiday festivities.


How important is music in creating a party’s ambiance?

Music makes a party’s ambience something you can change in real time, which is a powerful tool. The right music can transform a space from mundane to exciting and exciting to mundane – it’s invaluable and strangely mysterious in this way!


Are there “staple” songs or artists you always include in a playlist?

Yes, when creating a playlist for an event, you need artists with a wide reach or that fit a coherent theme. It’s rarely not the move to include some combo of Taylor Swift, Drake, and The Weeknd. It’s also hard to go wrong with Bad Bunny, Tainy, and that whole reggaeton movement. Aim for choices that are fun and don’t take it too seriously!


Name your go-to song that can pick up the energy of any gathering.

Listen, even the grumpiest person at the party would find it difficult to resist Drake’s One Dance (feat. Wizkid & Kyla). That track is undeniably fun and it’s one that most people have probably heard somewhere before.


Similarly, do you have any songs that you avoid including?

It truly depends on the context. You have to read the room and then make a decision on what the vibe should be. In a lot of ways, the aim is to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to just be themselves. If that means staying away from explicit lyrics, then so be it!


What genres do you feel crowds of all ages typically respond well to?

You can’t go wrong with pop or jazz in most settings, but I would say it even comes down to who people generally know the host to be! If you’re hosting an event with friends who know you, there’s nothing better than to set the atmosphere with music you personally love.


What Spotify playlists & albums will you be queuing up this season?

Playlists like Christmas Classics, and Feel Good Dinner are the trusty, dependable tools in your tool belt. If you want an album recommendation, The Ella & Louie Christmas album is a tasteful addition to any warm holiday vibe. Also, it would not be the same without Vince Guaraldi Trio’s A Charlie Brown Christmas album – that is a must!


Devialet is a French acoustical engineering company operating at the intersection of luxury and cutting-edge technology. Devialet is on a mission to bring sound back to where it belongs in people’s lives through memorable audio experiences. Visit their kiosk on Level 3 of The Shops.

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