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Punxsutawney WHO? Winter is Still Here!

Six more weeks of what? The days may be getting longer, but admit it — you’re starting to wonder if winter is ever going to end. After all, New Yorkers don't take advice from a groundhog. Get through the home stretch by seeking out ways to stay cozy and create your own personal sanctuary at The Shops at Columbus Circle. Consider this your end-of-winter survival kit.


Williams-Sonoma wants to keep you warm, inside and out. There’s nothing better than hot chocolate on a chilly winter afternoon, and the Breville Hot Choc & Froth whips up the perfect velvety cup. Do you love the treats from Bouchon Bakery (also at The Shops at Columbus Circle)? You can buy mixes here to make the cookies and biscuits yourself. Upstairs at Williams-Sonoma Home, you’ll find a range of cozy faux-fur throws resembling mink, gray fox, or white sable.


Cocoon yourself in style at Wolford. Snuggle up in the Fine Merino Cardigan, a belted robe that can be worn at home or out on the town and is knitted from premium wool. The Merino Fine Rib Pullover allows you layer up and stay warm without adding lots of bulk. And the Wool Air Cardigan is the perfect transitional piece: It’s perfect for keeping toasty in winter, and when summer comes, you can throw it over a dress on a cool evening.


Aveda offers heartwarming methods to unwind. The Stress Fix line of products is infused with lavender and clary sage oils that are proven to calm you down. There’s everything from body lotion to soaking salts. The comforting tea is a classic: This caffeine-free mix of licorice root and peppermint promotes well-being. Aveda also carries relaxing candles, including the Caribbean Therapy Sox Wax Candle, which will transport you to an island far away. It's the perfect finish line to winter.

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