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10 Columbus Circle • New York City, NY 10019 • Contact number: 212-823-6300  |  Open Now Monday-Sunday 11:00AM-7:00PM
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Going to the Dogs:
The Pet-Friendly
Shops at Columbus Circle

For many of us, dogs are our BFF. We have photos of our furry friends on our smartphone. On Facebook. On Instagram. They’d have a ringtone if they could talk! We walk, play, shop, travel, and eat outdoors with them. They know our friends, love our shoes, are always happy to see us. They make us feel good.

Dog-friendly - Bouchon

So it's great to know that The Shops at Columbus Circle are dog friendly. That’s right, any well-heeled pooch on a leash (no canine discrimination here) can stride with their human in all the public areas and shops. They’re not allowed in the famed restaurants or Whole Foods, but you can both stop for a bite and a sip at Bouchon Bakery.

Dog-friendly - Coach collar

And what a bite it is. We’re talking foie gras dog biscuits. Seriously. The Parisian-inspired crunchy treats are usually displayed prominently under glass near the café’s registers (on the 3rd floor). No complaints so far from our canine gourmands. The cafe will also provide pups with a small bowl of New York’s finest water to wash the biscuit down.

Dog-friendly - Lucky Brand collar and leash

But that’s not all. Dog-friendly fashions and accessories are available all over The Shops. Coach features dog collars in various colors with a playful signature design accented with iconic Coach hardware. Adorable puffy dog coats in bright colors are sold at Cole Haan as well as woven leather leashes. Lucky Brand has handsome embroidered, embossed, or whipstitch dog collars and braided dog leashes.

Dog-friendly - Cole Haan jacket

If you can’t bear to leave this hound haven behind, just book yourself into Mandarin Oriental, one of New York’s most fashionable hotels, entered on the 3rd floor. It’s also stylishly pet-friendly — just like the rest of The Shops.

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