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Game On! How to Host the Best Party of All

Let's get real. The Giants and Jets are not going to be in the big game on February 4. But, it’s still a great excuse to toss a big party, tune in to the game, and of course, serve lots of food and beer to keep the spirit lively. No false starts here! Just follow these tips to make it fun and a little competitive for everyone — well past the final scoring point.


Thinking about upgrading to a state-of-the-art home theater? There’s no better time to debut a stylish new Lifestyle 650 system from Bose ($3,999.95). Its impressive sound will turn your place into the ultimate party zone and is the next best thing to getting front-row seats.

Whole Foods

Face it: On the day of the big game, it really is all about the food. Go for the classics. Order your choice of three-foot hero sandwiches from Whole Foods Market ($69.99, serves 16). Ask your guests to bring their favorite snacks; think wings, guacamole, and potato skins. And serve an assortment of craft beers from the home states of the competing teams.

Williams Somona

For dessert, score a touchdown with a make-your-own-sundae station using the Nostalgia Frozen Dessert Machine from Williams-Sonoma ($999.99). Fill the table with bowls of toppings to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Use brightly colored bowls in team colors to serve the ice cream and display the toppings.


Final tips: Decorate with artfully placed team-colored ribbons and candles from Papyrus. Get a selection of brightly colored sweets from Sugarfina. Pick up some dog treats from Bouchon Bakery (Fido needs to be part of the party, too). And be sure to draft a guest to mastermind a football pool: Everyone loves to win the cash, but maybe the winner (or loser) will host next year’s party?

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