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Bouchon Bakery’s Sweet Treats

Love is in the air at Bouchon Bakery, with their limited-time collection of Valentine’s Day treats, featuring:

White Chocolate Raspberry Parfaits $6.50 Each
Layers of raspberry mousse, vanilla cake sandwich with raspberry jam center, white chocolate mousse, and white chocolate glaze, topped with fresh raspberries, crispy pearls, white chocolate curl, white heart chocolate décor with red or pink cocoa butter.

Conversation Hearts: $7.50 For Two
Shortbread dough with light pink, dark pink and violet icing, featuring the phases: “hug me”, “kiss me”, “love me”, “be mine”, “XOXO”.

Passion Fruit Macarons $3.50 Each
Passion fruit macaron shells filled with a sweet, yet tart passion fruit ganache.

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